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July 28th 2021

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Parc Esta Sold Units

July 28th 2021 :  Wow ! Among fierce competitions , Our sales team sold 4 units in this month August. We are the best sales team in Parc Esta !

#16-17 , #02-48 ,#08-25 , #13-34 .  

Parc Esta is the only condo in East region , next to MRT selling at 1500psf   , that why many buyers take this opportunity to buy from us . Reason is first move-in advantages and price is good !
If you wish to sell your house(hdb or pte) first , in order to finance your next condo purchase , Parc Esta is just right for you , because we have fexible payment and high discounts .
Call 61000193  our Developer sales team for more solutions .

July 31th 2019 :  Amazing ! Among fierce competitions , Our sales team sold 58 units in this month July ! #13-47 , #14-47 , #15-47 , #16-47 , #17-47 , #12-34 ,  #08-34 , #09-30 , #11-30 , #13-30 ,14-30 , #08-35 ,  #12-35 ,  #13-35 ,  #14-35 ,  #16-35 , #17-17, #18-22 , #09-45 , #05-17 , #16-27 , #17-55 , #13-48 , #06-35 , #09-25 , #03-48 , #16-36 , #07-35 , #16-31 , #11-48 , #16-76 , #06-41 , #12-13 , #12-76 , #05-06 , #10-31 , #18-63 , #18-33 , #11-47 , #01-13 , #18-37 , #07-25 , #09-35 , #13-76 , #09-43 , #10-03 , #15-58 , #17-41 , #10-30 , #02-06 , #10-12 , #04-34 , #01-60 , #05-02 , #04-65 , #16-30 , #11-35 , #09-06 .

Parc Esta Review

July 28th 2021  Parc Esta Show Flat opens daily ! Call 61000193 for appointment in order to get the maximun developer promo price .

July 28th 2021 : Register or call 61000193 for Early bird discounts and Parc Esta showflat appointment.

July 28th 2021 : Visiting Parc Esta ShowFlat Today? Book Appointment To Get Direct Discounts. Developer Sales Team. Get Additional Discounts. No Commission Payable.

July 28th 2021 : Register your interest today for the latest updates, floorplans, special deals. 15 min drive to CBD, Opposite Eunos MRT. High capital gain & rental potential.

Parc Esta Details

 PARC ESTA formerly known as Eunosville, a HUDC estate that has been the prime residential location along Sims Avenue and Changi Road, under the developer …

MCL Land’s Parc Esta, the much-anticipated launch at Sims Avenue in Eunos, chalked up sales of 329 units on the first day of sales on Nov 17. … The most popular unit types were the one- and two-bedroom units which range in size from 420 to 624 sq ft and 581 to 1,023 sq ft
Developer Sales Hotline‎: ‎+656100193
Showflat Location‎: ‎Sims Avenue 
Est Indicative Selling Price Range‎: ‎Around $ 15XXpsf …
Number of Units‎: ‎Approx 1399 units

VVIP Preview Parc Esta Prices
Fr $14xx Psf | 1BR Fr $736K | 2BR Fr $1.0xM | 3BR Fr $1.3xM | 4BR Fr $1.7xM |5BR Fr $2.2xM.

Book for Preview Price| Opposite Eunos MRT| 1+S Fr $893K | 2+S Fr $1.2xM | 3+S Fr $1.49xM. Early Bird Disc Price.

1BR From $736K. From $14xx Psf.

Parc Esta Location

Development Gem Next to Eunos MRT, New Residential Landmark in East, Contemporary Styling. Luxurious Home In Modern Sanctuary Of Refined Living, Exclusive Tropical Oasis Awaits. Signature Arrival Court. Famous Food Outlets. 100% Amenities Nearby. Sunken Party Lounge.

Parc Esta Site Plan

​• Site map of Parc Esta Condo facilities
​• ​Unit Mix and Distribution

Parc Esta Floor Plan

Download Parc Esta Brochure Floor Plans (PDF) when available.

Parc Esta Showflat

​• Parc Esta showroom has opened .
A VVIP ePass & Show Flat location map will send to you shortly, upon request.
Thank you and see you at Parc Esta’s show flat soon

Parc Esta is just across the Sim Ave road from the MRT.



Parc Esta Showflat Tour (Onsite Daily).
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Hotline 咨询电话 : +65 6100 0193

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Parc Esta Condominiums – Is it the Best Investment?

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January 1, 2025
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