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*21Apr* – Showflat Opens 10am
*30Apr* – Consumer Seminar @Showflat
*1May* – Last Day to submit Cheque/LOA
*2-4May* – Showflat Closed
*5May* – Balloting/Booking Day


1BR fr $650k (fr $1,343psf)
2BR fr $898k (fr $1,265psf)
3BR fr $1.18m (fr $1,305psf)
4BR fr $1.55m (fr 1,252psf)

Pricing starts from $1,252psf.
Average PSF $1,350 – $1,450psf+.

*Last Chance* to own a New Launch in 2018 at *$12xx – $14xxpsf*
*Last Chance* to enter into the market before *Prices shoot up* due to *rising land cost*
*Last Chance* to take the *First Mover Advantage beside the 2nd CBD* before the *Jurong Lake District* Transformation Begins.

28-03-18 : New Twin Vew building photo and Twin Vew site plan added .

08-02-18 : Twin Vew propertyguru listing added .

31-01-18 : CDL has just bidded a government land sales at West Coast Vale , which is next to our Twin Vew condo . This land sales was bidded at $800psf . While our Twin Vew site was only bidded at $592psf only . Please visit this page to understand why our Twin Vew is the best buy condo in this West Coast Vale area . Click here  for Twin Vew Price explanations

08-01-18 : Customers who are interested to understand what is the Developments surrounding Twin Vew , please click here .

02-01-18 : Do you want to know how to travel from Jurong mrt station to our Twin Vew condo . This video can shown you how convenient it is and takes about 8mins to reach Twin Vew Showflat and Twin Vew actual site .

29-12-17 : How to reach Twin Vew showflat ? Visit this post for more info .

21-12-17 : Visit here for Twin Vew price .

20-12-17 : Visit this post or URA website to understand Twin Vew , the future developments around it .

12-12-17 :Twin Vew have not launched yet .Sales of Twin View will be a sold-out , just like the new condo next to it . Parc Riviera also sold out already . High demand for new launched units in Jurong Lake side area will push Twin Vew units to sell rapidly.

12-12-17 :SPECIAL OFFER PRICES will be given to those buyers that come for the first days of launching , prices normally will be increased after launching ! Call Sales Hotline for more special offer informations .

12-12-17 : Do you know that Twin Vew VVIP preview is coming soon ?Have you already registered your interests with us here , to get the developer first day promo ?

12-12-17 : Twin Vew in Singaporepropertytalk .

12-12-17 :Visit this website for Future Developements in Jurong , which is where Twin Vew located . click here

 12-12-17 : Twin Vew Showflat Goggle plus

 12-12-17 : Twin Vew condo and Twin Vew Showflat Adv in Property guru .

Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions by our customers

What is the selling price of Twin Vew ?

Our Twin Vew price is very affordable and competitive with surrounding projects .

When will Twin Vew showflat open for keen buyers ?

Our Twin Vew showflat is scheduled to be opened from 7th April only . Keen buyer should register here with your preferred date/time to preview our Twin Vew showflat.

How do I register for this VVIP Twin Vew showflat preview ?

You can register by calling our Developer hotline 61000193 or whatsapp by clicking the whatsapp button or email to us by clicking the “register button” .

Do I need to fill up the EOI form or submit a cheque for your VVIP Showflat Preview ?

No . You do not need to fill up the EOI (express of interests) form or submit a cheque to us ! Once you register with us here , you are automatically becomes our VVIP customers for the Showflat Preview .

Due to PDPA buyer protection rule , you are not require to submit your personal information to us . If any sales agents , ask you to fill in EOI or submit cheque , pls report to hotline 61000193 .

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Developer Overview – Information Summary – REGISTER

TWIN VEW is developed by Developed by China Construction Developement


Established since 1992, China Construction (South Pacific) Development Co Pte Ltd (CCDC) is a regional subsidiary of China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC).

CCDC began its construction operations as a CIDB (Currently known as BCA) registered contractors of G4 status with a tendering limit of $ 5 million.

Over these years, CCDC has received tremendous growth with successful acquisition and completion of a significant number of construction projects. The company, which started with a staff-strength of 4, has now transformed itself from a small sub-contract firm to reckoned main contract establishment of over 700 staffs and over 4,500 skilled workers.

CCDC today, a BCA-registered contractor of A1 status, enjoys unlimited tendering capability. Some completed and prominent projects of CCDC to-date include:

• Projects -Cote d’Azur, Edelweiss Park Condominium, Ris Grandeur Condominium, The Warren View Condominium, Garden Vista Condominium, The Linear Condominium, Lakeholmz Condominium, Faber Crest Condominium, Bishan Point Condominium, Seletaris Condominium, Kallang Basin MUP17, Woodlands N6C5, Kallang Basin Precinct MUP14, Bedok Town Center C6.

TWIN VEW located in West Coast Vale ,near Jurong East MRT Region.

Superb location of TWIN VEW will be one of its main selling features .

Located along West Coast Vale , WEST SINGAPORE . Jurong Lake District , One of the next CBD District , numerous new developments will be developed in the future .

New projects like high Rail Station , hotels , business building etc will be nearby . This not only will provide higher capital appreciations for TWIN VIEW condo and also higher rental yield .

Twin Vew is strategically located in Jurong Lake district . Singapore government highly focusing on this biggest lakeside development , after developed ,it will be the biggest destination for business and leisure.

The 360ha Jurong Lake District features two  precincts: Jurong Gateway for the commercial facilities and Lakeside precint leisure purposes. A third and upcoming precinct is the new forward-looking and sustainable mixed-use precinct around the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur High Speed Rail terminus – Lakeside Gateway.

Register now for Developer Discount and VVIP Showflat Viewing

Twin Vew will be expected to launch in beginning months of 2018 ,its will be the year where high demand for Private new condo , as supply are lower . So naturally Twin Vew will be a totally sold-out project , just like a new lunch next to it, Parc Riviera also sold out already .

Many interested buyers has already registered with us !

Register your interest with us (through email) or call our hotline 61000193 directly and only you can get the latest developer promotion and discount .

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or call developer hotline 61000193 directly .



TWIN VIEW Prices will be very affordable and competitive among surroundings new launch pricing . As Twin Vew Condo and Twin Vew Showflat is just next to the SOLD-OUT project -Parc Riveira , so one can expect that pricing of Twin Vew will be estimated around Parc Riviera selling prices .

Let examine Twin Vew price , and see whether it is affordable , reasonable or not . To compare its price , it is fair enough to compare the new launch property prices nearby .One of the best property to compare ,should be Parc Riviera . Parc Riviera was sold around $15xxpsf . Will Twin Vew sell at $15xxpsf? Will the prices aove or lower ? From all the aggressive land bidding from developer in 2017 , one will expect that Twin Vew will be launched at around $1500psf.

Let examine another great news that will more increase the investment potential of our Twin Vew condo . In 30-01-18 , CDL has bidded a government land sales at West Coast Vale , which is just next to our Twin Vew condo . This land sales was bidded at $800psf . While our Twin Vew site was only bidded at $592psf . When this new CDL condo next to Twin Vew is to be launched , the selling price could be sold at around $1800psf estimate.
This is a great news for our Twin Vew buyers , as there will be big gap of $200psf price different compare to Twin Vew bidded price($592psf) and CDL condo bidded price($800psf) . A property buyer buying a 3 bedroom at 1000sqft might be expected to pay $200k more if he or she buy this CDL condo than Twin Vew . $1500psf .

Therefore , All keen buyers for Twin Vew , should take this opportunity to register with us here and to get the VVIP showflat preview pass, because when you register with us , you can get the Early bird discounts on the first day of launching . And prices will normally increased after that .

So please register or call Developer hotline 61000193 if interested to come for the first day of selling . First day of selling will only be given to buyers that register through developer hotline here .

These are the Twin VEW’s indicative price guide, starting from $1,350psf…

 1br from $6xx K
2br from $9xx K
3br from $1.2xx M
4br from $1.6xx M
Penthouse $1.9xx M**_subject to changes without prior notice_


showflat viewing


Twin Vew Showflat will be located in West Coast Vale.



And you will be our Developer VVIP Customers

The picture below is the Twin Vew actual site and Twin Vew Showflat location , by just walking or driving on this West Coast road , then you turn left to West Coast Vale , you will reach Twin Vew in a short distance .

Twin Vew Showflat


Directions from Jurong MRT Station to Twin Vew Condo

This youtube video show you ,which routes to take to drive from Jurong MRT to Twin Vew , only 8 mins of driving .



Twin Vew is developed by China Construction Developement . We have years of experiences building and construct private and public housings in Singapore .

Twin Vew is located in Jurong Lake district , its ideal and good location , will means that Twin Vew will be a ideal investments for property investors , as all capital appreciations is a by product of rental yield . Good rental yield will be achievable as Twin Vew location , which is near to Jurong Lake District . Jurong Lake District features two distinct but complementary precincts: Jurong Gateway, the commercial precinct; and Lakeside, the leisure precinct. A third and upcoming precinct is the new forward-looking and sustainable mixed-use precinct around the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur High Speed Rail terminus – Lakeside Gateway.

All these new developments near Twin Vew will means that higer rental yields not only for property investors , but also provides a work ,play and shop life styles for those that choose Twin Vew as his or her home .

In a unique destination that entices guests with countless experiences to sense the moment, Twin Vew represent a rare opportunity to leverage from fast and exclusive developments of the Jurong Lakeside District , which will be a district highly focused by Singapore government , and to own a property designed for the luxury adventurers of the world.

In addition to its superb location and magnificent architecture, the residence will offer a full range of amenities with Gym , Swimming pooL , Gardens , Panoramic sea views and etc.

Twin Vew Showflat



Superb location of TWIN VEW will be one of its main selling features . Located along West Coast Vale , WEST SINGAPORE . Juron Lake District , One of the next CBD District , numberous new developments will be developed in the furture . New projects like high Rail Station , hotels , business building etc will be nearby . This not only will provide higher capital appreciations for TWIN VIEW condo and also higher rental yield .

Twin Vew residents will enjoy living in a highly accessible home from MRT , High Rail , major roads . Its a highly connected and car-lite environment

Shopping is a breeze as Major shopping malls like Jem , West gate , IMM are nearby .An inclusive district for the community that caters to the needs of the residents, businesses and visitors. Jurong Lake District will be a vibrant 24/7 hub offering retail, entertainment and leisure options beyond working hours, with inclusive public spaces and recreational facilities for all to enjoy.

Twin Vew residents enjoy green spaces and garden all around .A delightful leisure destination for Singaporeans and visitors from all walks of life anchored by the Jurong Lake Gardens, the current and new Science Centre, future recreational options around Jurong Lake and the HSR terminus.

Twin Vew Showflat Location


Twin Vew condo has many good features and amenities nearby for home seekers and property investers .

Jurong Lake District development
Jurong Lake District will be a mega developments highly focus by Singapore government . It will totally transform the Jurong region to a future-ready second CBD by URA and Singapore first High-Speed Rail terminus( Kuala Lumpur-Singapore) .The 360ha Jurong Lake District features two distinct but complementary precincts: Jurong Gateway, the commercial precinct; and Lakeside, the leisure precinct. A third and upcoming precinct is the new forward-looking and sustainable mixed-use precinct around the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur High Speed Rail terminus – Lakeside Gateway.
Twin Vew Condo is fortunate to be located at a region that highly focused by Singapore government , Jurong Lake district has many phases of developments . This developments truly brings out the investment potential of Twin Vew . Twin Vew buyers and investors will be benefit by these great developments with a guarantee of higher capital appreciations and higher rental yield compare to other areas of Singapore . Primarily , property prices appreciated more in the West . Call 61000193 to discuss or share with us , your views of these developments .
High-Speed Rail terminus
This high speed rail will link the Malayasia cities Kuala Lumpur and other major cities to Singapore . It will provide a one-day working lifestyles between these two countries . Commuters can through to and fro from Malaysia and Singapore for leisure and works . A mega size terminus will be built in Jurong . What this converts to as more people will be traveling in and from Jurong , this will create a needs and demands for nearby housing projects and in terms will push up the prices of surrounding projects and Twin vew is right near this developments .
Higher demands and higher rental yield will be expected with these transportation hub in Jurong, Twin Vew owners will be benefited .
In the near future , Twin Vew residents can travel to Malaysia in the morning , to Kulua Lumpar or other cities to dine and shop and return back to Singapore in the evening . How convenience it could be , with a world class transportation hub , right near your doorstep .
Shopping areas and leisure hub
5 best shopping Mall in Jurong . let us look at the 5 shopping malls in Jurong East. Compared to the past where there was only Jurong East Entertainment Centre (JEC) and IMM, today we are spoilt for choices, having 5 shopping malls together in the same vicinity. So, JCube vs JEM vs Westgate vs IMM vs Big Box, which do you think is the best? If you stay far away in the North or East, and you decided that hey, I want to go somewhere different today. Let’s go to Jurong East, which shopping mall will you go for to make the entire trip worth it? JCube-This shopping mall is also known as the ‘Bugis Street’ of Jurong East. Westgate-Plenty of people living in the west has been looking forward to the opening of this 7-level family and lifestyle shopping mall. JEM-Located right next to Jurong East MRT and Westgate. Big Box-The latest addition to the malls that popped up in Jurong East, Big Box is the largest of the 4 Warehouse Retail Shopping Mall in Singapore. IMM-Located further away from Jurong East MRT station.
Leisure and parks
A major perk of living in Twin Vew condo is having direct access to not one but two major waterbodies, Jurong Lake and Pandan Reservoir, which have a range of recreational activities on and around the water. When the following projects are completed, residents will find it harder to resist the call of the outdoors:
• Jurong Lake Park, which will feature new types of recreational facilities
• New park connectors along the waterfront of Jurong Lake
• Enhancement to Jurong Canal under PUB’s Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters (ABC Waters programme
• New interim park at Toh Guan
Other developments that will further support and promote outdoor activities include a
cycling network onnecting Jurong East, Jurong West and Bukit Batok .
Twin Vew residents will be able to enjoy all these parks and leisure spaces .
transport developments
As a major interchange for the North-South and East-West lines, Jurong East MRT station has served residents and workers in the area well, with the adjacent bus interchange providing added convenience. In the coming years, improvements to the public transport system will provide quicker connections between the town and other parts of Singapore:•A new bus interchange with enhanced bus services will replace the existing one and form part of an Integrated Transport Hubtomake commuting more seamless and enjoyable
• The future Jurong Region Linewill enable faster travel between Jurong East and the surrounding towns .
• Improved North-South and East-West MRT lines will have more capacity when some of the existing passengers take advantage of the new Downtown Line 2 MRT line to be completed in 2016 . New roads will be built and existing roads will be improvedto bring about an improved transport experience.
• Construction of new road ssuch as Gateway Drive,Town Hall Link and Venture Drive will provide better connectivity within Jurong Gateway .
All these new developments and improvements of transportation system in Jurong , will bring in crowds of people looking for a place to stay or rent in these area , creating a higher capital appreciations and higher rental value for Twin Vew .
In addition to jobs now available in Jurong and Tuas, residents can look forward to enjoying the convenience of working near home when the following projects at Jurong East are completed:
• New retail and office developments adjacent to Jurong East MRT Station like JEM and Westgate
• New hotel and office buildings
in Jurong Gateway
• Expansion of the existing International Business Park . The recently opened Devan Nair Institute for Employment and Employability helps working adults upgrade their skills to stay relevant and competitive in our dynamic economy .
Twin Vew residents can works , play and relax without having to travel further , how convenient it could be when living in Twin Vew .
More hotels will be built in Jurong lake district , currently the biggest hotel in Jurong is Genting Hotel . Twin Vew can invite their loved ones from Malaysia to take the high rail and stay in these hotels when visiting them .

unit type


Our Twin Vew condo provide different types of unit sizes and layout to furfill the ever changing needs and wants of property buyers .

For investors , to maximise the rental yields , buy studio or 1/2 bedrooms units .

For own stayers , if have bigger family size , 3-4 bedrooms will be ideal .

These are TWIN VIEW estimated unit mix .

Twin Vew

site plan


TWIN VEW Site Plan is designed with two majestic towers standing tall on West coast vale . With just two blocks of residential unit , most of the units will enjoy the Pandan river view . A huge swiming pool is located right at the heart of Twin Vew site plan . Twin Vew residents can enjoy fun facilities with their loved ones . A huge grand lobby welcomes twin vew residents back home , located at the right top corner . Gardens and lush greenery surrounding the two buildings , residents can enjoy outdoor , fresher airs right at their door steps .

 More than a great location, Twin Vew represents a fusion of lifestyle and inspired design unlike any other. Where urban chic defines sophistication, style and form. Where a passion of life intersects the pulsing urban vibe of  West Singapore . Where a convergence of luxury, elegance, and amenities transform the urban living experience!

floor plan


TWIN VEW Floor Plan is on the way .

 Created for active, design-savvy residents, Twin vew units offer a range of smart configurations including a limited number of residences with unique floorplans. Each home offers a view unlike any other.With great attention to aesthetic integrity, Twin Vew brings an atmosphere of intimacy to urban living.

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