Twin vew is in Jurong Lake district

Lake vew is located in Jurong Lake district . A future highly development district in Singaporre .





About Jurong Lake District

Jurong Lake District is a regional centre in the west, planned as part of URA’s decentralisation efforts to bring more quality jobs, amenities, and recreational options closer to homes. The plans for the district have continued to evolve since the blueprint was first unveiled in the URA Master Plan 2008.

In 2015, the Singapore Government announced that the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur High-Speed Rail (HSR) terminus will be located in Jurong Lake District, a game-changer. The future HSR terminus will unite plans to comprehensively redevelop the surrounding area and provides an excellent opportunity to connect developments, public transportation nodes and pedestrian networks within the District.




Jurong Lake District is envisioned to become a ‘District of the Future’, a high-quality mixed use business district, redefining the way we live, work and play. It will drive Singapore’s growth in the future economy, and cater to the diverse needs of businesses, residents, visitors and Singaporeans from all walks of life. It will be a distinctive new gateway to Singapore, distinguished by its high connectivity within Singapore and beyond, accessibility and environmentally-friendly features, where smart and green mobility options are the choice modes of commute.

The District will be a hotbed for smart innovations, and home to highly-sustainable urban infrastructure that boost district-wide productivity and manpower-efficiency to a whole new level. Most of all, Jurong Lake District will stand out as  delightful and inclusive destination for the community, defined by its greenery, extensive water bodies, built heritage, and vibrant public spaces.

The new Jurong Lake District consists of three distinct but complementary precincts:

  • the existing Jurong Gateway commercial precinct around Jurong East MRT station,
  • the Lakeside, a leisure precinct around Jurong Lake with a new national garden and Science Centre to promote the spirit of community and learning, and
  • a new mixed-use business precinct, the Lakeside Gateway, around the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur High Speed Rail terminus, that will provide an ecosystem for innovation where spaces are curated to facilitate interaction and collaboration among businesses situated within the area. A Request-for-Proposal inviting multi-disciplinary consultants to develop the master plan for this precinct and its surrounding areas has been called.

Graphic map of Jurong Lake District


Key Strategies:


  1. Adaptable spaces for the future economy to accommodate a changing constellation of businesses in order to address their fast evolving needs. Office spaces will be shared with R&D facilities, educational and training, and various business services to create an excellent environment for knowledge exchange and innovation, facilitating the growth of businesses. Jurong Lake District will be a rich ecosystem that strengthens connections and creates more opportunities for collaborations between different businesses, industrial clusters and people within the district and beyond.
  2. An inclusive district for the community that caters to the needs of the residents, businesses and visitors. Jurong Lake District will be a vibrant 24/7 hub offering retail, entertainment and leisure options beyond working hours, with inclusive public spaces and recreational facilities for all to enjoy.
  3. Highly connected and car-lite environment that embraces a new paradigm of mobility, putting people, public transport and green mobility options like walking and cycling as priority. Look forward to a district with minimal car usage, high public transport mode share and a comprehensive network of infrastructure that facilitates the seamless and efficient movement of people and goods.
  4. Distinctive identity shaped by its natural and heritage assets with greenery and extensive water bodies like the Jurong Lake and Jurong River, as well as the former Jurong Town Hall building, a national monument, and the current Science Centre building.
  5. A delightful leisure destination for Singaporeans and visitors from all walks of life anchored by the Jurong Lake Gardens, the current and new Science Centre, future recreational options around Jurong Lake and the HSR terminus.
  6. Innovative urban infrastructure to strengthen district-level sustainability, productivity and manpower-efficiency to cater to the needs of different developments in the District. These infrastructure could be developed underground, which will free up surface land for more people-friendly streets, public spaces, and community facilities.

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