The Tapestry Showflat Location Tampines

The Tapestry Showflat Location Tampines .

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live announcement

The Tapestry Live Announcement

Tuesday, January 23rd 2018

THE TAPESTRY is a new condo going to launch in Tampines street 86 , just next to The Santorini condo .

THE TAPESTRY Indicative Price from $1xxxK
THE TAPESTRY VVIP Preview Launch Est  ‘2018​





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Tuesday, January 23rd 2018

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past updates

09-01-18 : Tapestry Unit types added in this page . Explanations and benefits are explained here .

08-01-18 :This page will show you the developments and amenities nearby Tapestry condo , these developments show you that Tapestry is located in a superb location with higer capital appreciation and higher rental yield . Visit here .

04-01-18 : Do you want to know how to travel from Tampines mrt sation to our The Tapestry condo . This video can shown you how .

03-01-18 : New photo added for Tapestry showflat location .

02-01-18 : How to reach The Tapestry condo showflat ? Visit this post for more info .

02-01-18 : Visit here for The Tapestry price .

02-01-18 : Visit this post or URA website to understand The Tapestry condo , the future developments around it .

02-01-18 :The Tapestry condo have not launched yet .Sales of The Tapestry condo will be a sold-out , just like the new condo next to it . The Santorini also sold out already . High demand for new launched units in Tampines will push The Tapestry condo units to sell rapidly.

02-01-18 :SPECIAL OFFER PRICES will be given to those buyers that come for the first days of launching , prices normally will be increased after launching ! Call Sales Hotline for more special offer informations .

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02-01-18 : The Tapestry condo in Singaporepropertytalk .

02-01-18 :Visit this website for Future Developements in Tampines , which is where The Tapestry condo located . click here

Developer Overview – Information Summary – REGISTER

The Tapestry condo is developed by CDL City Development Limited .

With years of building high qualities housing developments in the region .Once again , we are launching our latest residential development project in Tampines – The Tapestry .

City Developments Limited (CDL) is a Singapore-listed international real estate operating company with a global presence spanning 97 locations in 26 countries. As one of Singapore’s largest companies by market capitalisation, its income-stable and geographically-diversified portfolio comprises residences, offices, hotels, serviced apartments, integrated developments and shopping malls, totalling over 18 million square feet of floor area globally.

THE TAPESTRY will be located at Tampines street 86 .

Make the smart choice: Invest in a brand new condo at Tampines Street 86 , the ultimate combination of comfort and outdoor living in between two lake side parks , Bedok Reservoir and Tampines Quarry Park.

Our brand new condos are waiting for you, right at Tampines region . In URA’s plans , Tampines will be developed as a regional centre, providing residents with more office and retail jobs in their neighbourhood. Tampines is also home to major employment hubs like Changi Business Park and other industrial areas as well as Changi Airport.

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THE TAPESTRY will be expected to launch in beginning months of 2018 ,its will be the year where high demand for Private new condo , as supply are lower . So naturally THE TAPESTRY CDL latest project will attract a lot of attentions from property seekers , just like the new launches next to it, The Santorini and The Alps Residences .

Many interested buyers has already registered with us !

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Let examine and discuss about THE TAPESTRY PRICE . This is a very interesting topic , property seekers and investors are always looking for an affordable and reasonable priced projects . But what is reasonable or affordable can also be very subjective to different people . To check and determine the property prices you going to pay , one have to study whether its prices are at the right entry level .

For that it is fair enough to compare the new launch property prices nearby .One of the best properties to compare ,will be The Santorini and Alps Residences . They were sold around $1100psf to 1200psf in 2017 . Will this new launch THE TAPESTRY sell at the same price ? Will the prices be higher or lower ? From all the aggressive land bidding from developer in 2017 , one will expect that THE TAPESTRY will be launched at around $1200psf TO $1300psf .

But this all just pure speculations , as THE TAPESTRY CONDO AT TAMPINES havent launched yet , pricing will normally be out during its launched . But one things for should is that it will be selling out g=fast when it launches .

Therefore , All keen buyers for THE TAPESTRY , should take this opportunity to register with us here and to get the VVIP showflat preview pass, because when you register with us , you can get the Early bird discounts on the first day of launching . And prices will normally increased after that .

So please register or call Developer hotline 61000193 if interested to come for the first day of selling . First day of selling will only be given to buyers that register through developer hotline here .

showflat viewing


THE TAPESTRY Showflat will be located in Tampines.


THE TAPESTRY showflat location could be located next to Hitachi Tampines building , along Tampines Grande , Tapestry showflat is very accessible from Tampines MRT Station . By just walking a short distance , you will be able to reach its showflat .

Remember to call 61000193 Developer Hotline first , before coming to Tapestry showflat .

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Do you know Tampines MRT Station is nearby The Tapestry Condo ?

This youtube video show how to travel from Tampines mrt sation to our The Tapestry condo .



CDL , City Development Limited is the developer of ths new launch residential condo in Tampines . The Tapestry condo is located at Tampines street 86 . Tapestry condo will be the latest private residential condo developments to be located here . Followed by Q bay , The Santorini and Alps Residences  .

Located at Tampines West , street 86 , The Tapestry connects you to the vibrancy of downtown living and to all its possibilities. To the very latest in culture, recreation, shopping and entertainment. To a cosmopolitan community of people on the move. To the nerve centre of this great Tampines Region.

It’s everything you love about living downtown Tampines. And the truth is you wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

unit type


Our Tapestry condo provide different types of unit sizes and layout to fulfill the ever changing needs and wants of property buyers .

For investors , to maximise the rental yields , buy studio or 1/2 bedrooms units . For own stayers , if have bigger family size , 3-4 bedrooms will be ideal .

Tapestry’s one bedroom size is from 448sqft to 484sqft , these are surprisingly big , compare to any latest new condo . A queen size bed can easily fix into this one bedroom types . Two bedrooms has types with a study . Smaller family size of three or even four members can easily stay in this two bedroom with study type . 3 bedroom premium type has a huge size of 1153sqft , which is rare nowadays . Tapestry buyers looking for own stay plus rental investments , can buy Dual key units to maximise your ROI – return of investments .

These are The Tapestry estimated unit mix .

*1BR ~448sqft
*1+S ~484sqft
*2BR ~615sqft
*2+S ~705sqft
*3BR ~946sqft
*3BR Premium ~1153sqft
*4BR ~1455sqft
*4DK ~1519sqft
*5DK ~1797sqft



The Tapestry condo is located right at the heart of Tampines West and near Tampines North .In a sought-after residential neighbourhood mere minutes from the quiet serenity of Bedok Reservoir Park and Tampines Quarry Park. Close to all of  urban conveniences . The Tapestry condo is well connected , close to all of  urban conveniences . Tampines West MRT Station is nearby The Tapestry , Tampines West MRT Station (DT31) is an underground Mass Rapid Transit station on the Downtown Line in the west side of Tampines . It is also connected to Changi Airport MRT Sation . Travel to Changi Airport will be very easily access from Tapestry condo . With its superb location of situated in the East of Singapore . The Tapestry residents will enjoy all the benefits and conveniences of when the East Region Development is in full swing . The East Region has a varied housing landscape that offers diverse housing options for everyone. Public housing estates like Bedok, Tampines and Pasir Ris provide affordable and convenient housing options. At the same time, the East Region is renowned for its seafront housing just steps away from East Coast Park. Lakefront housing in front of Bedok Reservoir and a mix of low rise condominium and landed housing across the region complete the picture of a livable and desirable living environment. Our Tapestry CDL is right in Tampines region , Tampines will be the second CBD region of Singapore . Tampines is now the most established of all the regional centres.


Does The Tapestry condo has any good features and amenities nearby for home seekers ?

Transportation Hub
In terms of public transport, Tampines is served by the East-West Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Line and an extensive bus network, and things will get even better with the completion of Phase 3 of the Downtown Line in 2017. Tampines’ MRT Station will become an interchange between the East-West Line and Downtown Line. Tampines town will also gain two more MRT stations at Tampines East and Tampines West.
The new MRT line is expected to alleviate congestion on the East-West Line and provide a strategic transport link for residents and commuters living in Tampines to the Marina Bay area and the rest of the island.
Tapestry residents can take the nearby Tampines West MRT to Changi Airport MRT Station now , or travel to downtown with having to take a bus or drive . offers great convenience to Tapestry residents .
Tampines Regional Hub
Plans are in place for the construction of Tampines Town Hub, which will concentrate sports, retail and community-related activities into one location. Our Tampines Hub will be Singapore’s first-ever integrated community and lifestyle hub that brings together multiple agencies to offer a comprehensive and diverse range of services, programmes and facilities. This project is led by People’s Association and is located at the former Tampines Stadium and Tampines Sports .
Another great features for The Tapestry condo , everyone who are in to sports , can use the multiple facilities in this hub .
Tampines’ neighbourhood parks also offer residents reprieve from the hustle and bustle of city living. Plans are also in place to ensure that most homes will be within 400m of a park or park connector. More green spaces have also been planned, with Tampines North Quarry Park and Boulevard Park expected be completed in the near future. The Tapestry residents can walk leisurely to the Quarry park and bedok reservoir park from their home and enjoy the greenery and fresh air . A sport heaven for joggers and water sports enthusiasts
Educational Institutions
For families with youngsters, Tampines is home to many educational institutions and childcare centres: A search on Street Directory reveals 74 childcare centres. Various schools — from primary to tertiary — are also located in Tampines. The Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) has also recently moved its campus to Simei . Residents will have shorter traveling times to these nearby educational institutions and childcare centres , means more quality times could be spend with loved ones .
There are two international schools nearby The Tapestry condo . The nearest will be UWC-United World College and Oversea Family Schools ,located in Pasir Ris . With international schools , within its own area where The Tapestry located , will means a guarantee of higher rental yield .
Shopping areas
There are several reasons why Tampines is one of the most popular areas in which families choose to reside. There is a wide range of amenities that provide convenience to residents, including three shopping malls: Tampines Mall, Tampines 1 and Century Square. Major tenants of these malls include Isetan, BHG, H&M and Uniqlo, among many others. Families do not need to travel to town for a weekend shopping trip. Tampines MRT reagion will be a interarted hub designed for businesses , shoppings , works and residentials purposes .
For grocery shopping, Tampines residents can count on FairPrice, FairPrice Finest, Cold Storage in the three malls, as well as a Giant hypermart . Ikea , hypermart Giant and Courts are within reach of The Tapestry also . These features provide Tapestry residents a totally shoppings experiences , never before .
There is no need for Tapestry residents to travel all the way to downtown or orchard areas for dining and shoppings . A one stop for all shopping experiences can be found in all Tampines shopping malls .

site plan


THE TAPESTRY Site Plan is on the way .

You feel it the moment you enter The Tapestry main entrance , greeted by a grand lobby. There’s an ease to living here, and you experience it in every impressive detail. With  inviting comfort of exquisite furnishings of the clubhouse. The landscaping and facilities is designed so you can take excellent care of both your body and mind. In the style and at a pace that suits you. Swim laps in the magnificent, seamless-edge pool. Raise your heart rate in the fully-equipped fitness studio  . The well-appointed clubhouse , function room with comfortable seating, bistro dining is the ideal spot for informal gatherings.
The expansive outdoor terrace featuring beautiful landscaping is perfect for lazing in the sun, exercising, barbecuing and alfresco dining. Reinforced concrete construction combined with a stunning façade creates an elegant and purposeful architectural design.

floor plan


THE TAPESTRY Floor Plan is on the way .

The stunning interiors at The Tapestry embrace a contemporary design . Defined by clean lines and simple forms, combined with the selection of premium quality materials and finishes, The Tapestry interiors are sleek and contemporary while still providing a calm and welcoming atmosphere. Spacious, beautifully-appointed, amenities throughout the residence provide a stimulating social and recreational context.

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