Shunfu Ville New Condo Marymount MRT


Shunfu Ville New Condo Marymount MRT

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shunfu ville new condo not launched yet
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18-01-18 : This Shunfu Ville New Condo have not launched yet .


 Shunfu Ville New Condo Marymount MRT

Developer Overview – Information Summary – REGISTER

Shunfu Ville New Condo is developed by Qingjian Realty.

We proudly announced we are the developer of Shunfu Ville New Condo next to Marymount MRT Station . We have bring in our experienced teams from our Previous successful projects , to oversee our latest project , Shunfu Ville New Condo .

Qingjian Realty (South Pacific) Group Pte Ltd , is a subsidiary of CNQC (South Pacific) Holding Pte Ltd, is the regional headquarters of South-East Asia that focuses on property development including residential, commercial, office and industrial. Since 2010, Qingjian Realty actively participated in Singapore Government’s Land Sales exercise and has successfully acquired and launched quality luxury residential developments including NiN Residence (2010), RiverParc Residence (2011), Riversound Residence (2012), River Isles (2012), Waterbay (2012), Ecopolitan (2013), Bellewoods (2014), Bellewaters (2014), The Visionaire (2015), iNz Residence (2016) and Le Quest (2017).

Shunfu Ville New Condo IS LOCATED NEAR Marymount MRT STATION

Shunfu Ville New Condo will be one of the few condo projects to be launched in early 2018 ! But it has the one of the best features of all , any property investors could dreamed of . It is near Marymount MRT Station . It merely take mintues walk leisurely to the MRT Station .

With such a competitive in housing property projects now , any good housing investments  must have the feature of near MRT in their portfolio .

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Shunfu Ville New Condo will be expected to launch in 2Q of 2018 ,its will be the year where high demand for Private new condo , as supply are lower . So naturally Shunfu Ville New Condo will be a totally sold-out project . And moreover , Thomson area is a highly sought after places for new launched condo . All new condo in Thomson area , units are all sold out after they are launched .

Many buyers has already registered their Shunfu Ville interests with us !

Register your interest with us (through email) or call our hotline 61000193 directly and only you can get the latest developer promotion and discount .

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Shunfu Ville New Condo Price

Shunfu Ville New Condo price coming soon .

Early bird discounts on the first day of launching . Prices will normally increased after that , so please take this great opportunity .

Register or call Shunfu Ville New Condo Developer hotline 61000193 if interested to come for the first day of selling . First day of selling will only be given to buyers that register through developer hotline here .

showflat viewing

Shunfu Ville New Condo Showflat Location

Coming soon .

Shunfu Ville New Condo Showflat

Contact us at 61000193 for Shunfu Ville New Condo showflat and you will be our Developer VVIP Customers .


Directions from Marymount MRT Station to Shunfu new condo showflat .

This youtube video show you ,which routes to take when walking from MRT to Shunfu , it takes about 5-7 mins of walking .


Shunfu Ville New Condo Details

coming soon


Shunfu Ville New Condo Location

Shunfu Ville New Condo is located very near to several MRT Stations .The nearest will be Marymount MRT station (Circle Line) and upcoming Upper Thomson MRT station (Thomson – East Coast Line) . And also Bishan MRT and Caldecott MRT . These really bringing rail connectivity to community amenities and residential developments in the area , particularly for residents of Shunfu Ville New Condo . Residents will be benefited by these transportation developments in Upper Thomson region .


These are the future developments , good features and amenities nearby for home seekers and property investors .

Shunfu new condo is located very near to Marymount and Upper Thomson MRT Stations . Residents can travel to works , school and shopping using these two MRT Station . It bring rail connectivity to community amenities and residential developments in the area.
Marymount MRT Station (CC16) is an underground station along the Circle Line (CCL) Stage 3, located at the boundaries of the Marymount and Upper Thomson planning subzones. It is built underneath Marymount Road, near the junction of Marymount Lane and Bishan Street 21.
Upper Thomson MRT station (TE8) is a future underground Mass Rapid Transit station on the Thomson-East Coast Line in the planning area of Bishan, Singapore.e station will be located at the traffic junction of Upper Thomson Road, Soo Chow Garden Road and Bright Hill Drive. It will provide MRT access to the nearby Thomson Plaza.
national parks
Shunfu Ville New Condo is located near to Thomson Nature Park and MacRitchie Reservoir park . Residents can enjoys greenery and fresh airs right next to their doorsteps .
The development of Thomson Nature Park is part of a holistic approach to strengthen the conservation of the biodiversity in Singapore’s nature reserves. Like other nature parks, Thomson Nature Park will help to reduce visitorship pressure on the nature reserves by providing alternative venues for the public to enjoy nature-related activities. Thomson Nature Park skirts the Central Catchment Nature Reserve and functions as a green buffer and extension for the reserve.
Shufu new condo residents can enjoy MacRitchie Treet Top Walk .The TreeTop Walk (TTW) is the highlight of several long hiking routes in MacRitchie that brings you through the different stages of a mature secondary forest. The first of its kind in Singapore and in the region, this free-standing suspension bridge connects the two highest points (Bukit Peirce and Bukit Kalang) in MacRitchie and offers a bird’s eye view of the community of plants and animals that live in the forest canopy. The total length of the walkway is about 250 m and its height from the forest floor varies, with the highest point at 25 m.
amenities and fine dining
Shunfu new condo residents will be pamper with various eating areas and fine dining spaces near their homes . Upper Thomson road is famous in Singapore for cafés, restaurants and boutiques . Residents can dine and shop in various shops along Upper Thomson Road .
Singapore’s Upper Thomson area, near Marymount MRT, is a serious contender to become the next Tiong Bahru, as more cafés, restaurants and boutiques continue to open up in the area. Currently it’s a tad difficult to get to for lazy CBD-dwellers – a 15-minute walk away from the closest MRT line that doesn’t even pass through the city. But that will all change in a few years when the Upper Thomson Line opens and connects the neighborhood directly to the likes of Orchard and Outram Park.

unit type

Shunfu Ville New Condo Unit Types

estimated unit mix .

coming soon

site plan

Shunfu Ville New Condo Site Plan

Site Plan is on the way .

floor plan

Shunfu Ville New Condo Floor Plan

 Floor Plan is on the way .

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Shunfu Ville New Condo Marymount MRT,

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shunfu road
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