Canberra EC , this executive condo is located next to Canberra MRT .

Canberra EC , this executive condo is just a minute walk from Canberra MRT Station . With hawker centres, malls, and indoor/outdoor sports facilities all nearby. There’ve been other ECs in the vicinity, namely the The Visionaire and The Brownstone . All already sold out projects . The selling point of Canberra EC, like the others EC in this area, is the potential developments of Yishun area . Canberra EC showflat opening soon , Call 61000193 for developer registration hotline . We are collecting interests now , waiting for sales approval .Canberra EC 位于第27邮区的三巴旺,介于坎贝拉连路(Canberra Link),算是我国北部最偏远的住宅区之一。 不过,在交通便捷度方面,Canberra EC 的地点不错,既靠近现有的三巴旺地铁站,也靠近坎贝拉地铁站。

Canberra EC location will be located at Situated just across Canberra Link EC, an upcoming Bukit Canberra , Sembawang Integrated Hub. EC Income Ceiling Increased to $16K.

canberra ec showflat and canberra ec location

  • Why buy Canberra EC , executive condo ?

Canberra EC is the only Executive condo EC to be launched in Yishun on 2020 . Previous EC located around Canberra EC are all sold out , such EC are Brownstone EC , Visionaire EC and Northwave EC . Walking distance to upcoming Canberra MRT ready by DEC 2019 . Walking distance to 3-storey Canberra Plaza . “Developers appear to think that in light of the latest government curbs, EC units will still enjoy strong demand.” Executive condominiums are built by private developers and come with the same amenities as private condominiums, such as swimming pools, multi-purpose rooms and tennis courts. The income ceiling for EC units is $16,000. 月收入不可以超过16000,当然如果你是中等工资超高花红的工种,那就赶紧联系我们吧,优势多多。

  • How much will be the Canberra EC Price like?

Canberra EC price will be affordable and lower than nearby private condo .”The strong bids underscore developers’ confidence in the EC market and the robust underlying demand from potential buyers in this segment amid limited stock in the market.”

  • How to buy Canberra EC (Yishun EC) ?

Buyers will have to fullfill HDB requirements for buying a Executive condo unit . require you to first submit an e-application before you can be invited to visit the Canberra EC showroom. Call 61000193 Canberra EC developer sales staff for more information

  • When to buy Canberra EC ?

Canberra EC will be launched end of 2019 . Interested parties are advised to register in this official site for the VIP customer preview .

  • Where to buy Canberra EC condo ?

Ola executive condo will be sold in Canberra EC showflat . Canberra showflat location will be located at Yishun .At the showroom, you can apply for a EC unit. The developer will select the buyers via ballot, and much like in the BTO process, the lucky ones will be notified based on their queue numbers to select a flat.

​• Canberra EC showflat has opened .
A VVIP ePass & Show Flat location map will send to you shortly, upon request.
Thank you and see you at Ola EC showflat .

Canberra Showflat is  not located at actual site of Canberra EC , Call 61000193 for Canberra EC Showflat location .

You can alight from Canberra MRT and walk to our Canberra EC actual location and also visit the Canberra EC showflat .

October 22nd 2019 : Register or call 61000193 for Early bird discounts and Canberra EC showflat appointment.

October 22nd 2019  Canberra EC by Evia Real Estate & Gamuda. Get Discount, Developer Price, Floor Plan, E-Brochure and More. Book Appointment and View Showflat


Canberra EC Details

Canberra Executive Condominium EC . Within walking distance to upcoming Canberra Plaza and Canberra MRT.执行共管公寓由私人发展商建造销售,但因其土地价格获政府津贴,因此售价会也比私人公寓低,但这也同时意味着外国人跟PR家庭不能购买!执行共管公寓分新单位和二手单位。新单位申请者必须是新加坡公民外,其家庭核心成员中必须至少还有一人是公民或永久居民。但父母跟子女是可以联名购买的。 执行共管公寓住满五年的单位只能由新加坡公民和永久居民购买。当然跟BTO一样,EC建好的5年以内是不可以整套出租的。住满十年的执行共管公寓才能全面私有化,供外国买家购买。 要求申请者过去30个月没有拥有任何私人住宅,也包括海外房产。 *工业产房不包括在内。

CANBERRA MRT STATION is next to CANBERRA EC .and Canberra EC showflat . Canberra MRT station will have food center , plaza , amenities . Canberra EC residents can walk to this amenities easily .

VVIP Preview

Canberra EC


Why invest in Canberra EC condo ?

Why Canberra EC?

  • First Yishun EC in 2020 .

CANBERRA EC , is an executive condo located next to Canberra MRT. CANBERRA EC SHOWFLAT will be located at yishun . This is a map location to understand Canberra EC

Canberra EC Location

Canberra Link EC by Hoi Hup Sunway. Located just next to Canberra mrt .

Canberra EC Site Plan

​• Site map of Canberra EC Condo facilities
​• ​Unit Mix and Distribution

Canberra EC Floor Plan

Download Canberra EC Brochure full copy of Floor Plans (PDF) by register with us.


Canberra Showflat Tour (Onsite Daily).
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Hotline 咨询电话 : +65 6100 0193

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