Basically in layman term, a Dual Key unit comprises of 2 units in one. Normally one unit is a Studio with a kitchenette and the other is the main unit with a kitchen.

How would I sell the benefits of a Dual Key unit to my potential buyer.

2 key area of benefits to highlight :
1. Savings
2. Functionality

1. Savings ๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿ’ฐ
For a separate 2 units purchased, buyer has to pay ABSD (eg. A SC purchase a 2nd property has to pay ABSD of 7%).

With a DK, buyer needs not pay ABSD if this is his 1st property.

ii) Maintenance Fee :
Maintenance fee is based on the Share value.
If buyer buys 2 separate units, he has to pay maintenance fees for 2 units.

But for a DK, buyer only needs to pay for one maintenance fee.

iii) Property Tax :
For a separate 2 properties purchase,
one is owner stay, the other non-owner stay will incurred a higher property.

For a DK, buyer only need to pay property tax for the whole unit for owner stay or even if he wants to rent out the studio.

iv) LTV
For 2 properties purchased,
1st property loan will be able to get 80% (TDSR fulfilled).
2nd property loan only can get 50%.

But for a DK purchased, buyer is able to get 80% ( TDSR fulfilled).

2. Functionality :

Stay main unit, then :

i) the Studio unit for parents to stay.
Still under one roof and able to take care of the elderly and yet have more privacy.

ii) rent out the Studio to collect passive income or to service part of the bank loan.
Or go for double tenancy to rent out both Studio and main unit to get double income.

iii) Studio can converts into a guest room, especially if buyer has business partner from overseas coming for short term stay.
Discussion at home or function room, no need to travel back to hotel, save time & money.

iv) Studio turn into a :
– study room
– home office
– tuition area

With so much savings and benefits, that’s is why Developers ‘still keen’ on dual-key units.


Here are the projects with Dual Key Units that you can buy .

The Santorini at Tampines

The Glades at Tanah Merah MRT

Kingsford Waterbay at Hougang